Full Brake System Servicing

At Reading Service Centre we will carry out a thorough examination and diagnostic of the braking system and condition of its components.

We will remove and clean the brakes, discs, calipers and shoes and remove all road debris and stones.

Our experienced technicians will initially measure your brake pads using a brake pad gauge. They will also analyse the brake discs using a micrometer, which measures the thickness of the disc. These measurements will be compared to the manufacturers technical specifications for your car and we will advise you if any replacement is required.

We can repair and replace most car brakes including discs, pads, calipers, hand brake cables and drums.

A vital part of car maintenance is to change your brake fluid to ensure safety of brake components. Most manufacturers recommend that you change your brake fluid every 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever is sooner.

Brake System Upgrades

At Reading Service Centre we can supply & fit brake upgrades from the following manufacturers.

  • Brembo
  • EBC
  • Apec
  • Pagid

Call us for a quote and we can advise you on the best options available for your car.

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